KUKA Service Partner

Since 2022, ROBOTIQUE CONCEPT has been recognized as a KUKA Service Partner for robot maintenance by KUKA France. This certification testifies to our commitment and technical expertise on all robots in the KUKA range, from the KR C1 to the KR C5. We have long been committed to working in accordance with manufacturers’ procedures, and this recognition validates our technical skills. In addition to this recognition, we can now offer you maintenance services for all your KUKA industrial robots.

KUKA Service Partner status

As a KUKA Service Partner, we are now able to carry out preventive maintenance on your site on behalf of our customers and KUKA France (on assignment). This certification commits us to work according to the maintenance procedures and schedules defined by KUKA, and assures you of the quality of our service. All maintenance operations are also recorded by KUKA France’s technical teams, so that they can feed the maintenance history of your industrial robots, and share information on your equipment.

We are also recognized for our expertise in the expertise and reconditioning of industrial robots. Always in line with KUKA procedures, we put all our skills to good use in appraising and restoring to working order the robots we recover for the second-hand market. The same applies to robots entrusted to us by KUKA for reconditioning on our premises.

Maintenance of your KUKA robots

As ROBOTIQUE CONCEPT is a certified KUKA Service Partner, we can offer you preventive maintenance services for your robots. From technical inspection to complete maintenance, we can provide these services for all robots in the KUKA range. These services can be carried out on your site, or on our premises, if your robots are waiting to be reinstalled on another application, for example.

Would you like us to provide on-site maintenance for your KUKA robots? Contact us to set it up.

Dismantling your KUKA robots

When replacing robots with more recent equipment, some of the disinvested robots may be discarded, even though they still have some residual value. We can offer you the dismantling of your robots to recover electrical and mechanical parts. We dismantle your robot, test all the parts on our test benches, and return the viable parts to you for stocking on your premises. This way, you can build up a store of spare parts compatible with your other robots, at a fraction of the cost. We can also offer to recondition some of your robots.

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