IRB 140 M2000

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General information

Brand ABB
Model IRB 140 M2000
Cabinet IRC5
Year 14M-26093
Condition Used
Working hours 3,361.00 h
Software version RW5.14_03.01.3071
Cable length 4.00 m


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This ABB IRB 140 M2000 IRC5 robot is sold by ROBOTICS CONCEPT and will be shipped from our facilities in France. It is covered by our parts warranty from the delivery date. We can also offer you the option of handling the delivery, installation, and annual maintenance on your site. For more information, please contact us.

Video of this ABB IRB 140 M2000 robot taken during our workshop tests.

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Structure Poly articulated 6 axis
Nominal payload 15.00 kg
Reach 810.00 mm
Repeatability ±0.0300 mm
Arm mass 98.00 kg

Datasheet ABB IRB 140 M2000


Axis 1 ±180.00 °
Axis 2 -90.00 ° / +110.00 °
Axis 3 -230.00 ° / +50.00 °
Axis 4 ±200.00 °
Axis 5 ±115.00 °
Axis 6 ±400.00 °


Axis 1 200.00 °/s
Axis 2 200.00 °/s
Axis 3 260.00 °/s
Axis 4 360.00 °/s
Axis 5 360.00 °/s
Axis 6 450.00 °/s

Despite the care taken in researching information, the technical specifications specified above are taken from documentation available from {{catalog.parent}} for the IRB 140 M2000 robot model equipped with a {{catalog.current}} controller, in standard delivery condition, and may not correspond to the exact model offered. We invite you to contact us to make sure this model is compatible with your application.

The ABB IRB 140 M2000 robot , with its IRC5 controller, can be interfaced to be configured and programmed with the following software:

  • ROBOT | ABB | IRC5 | IRB 140 M2000 | 14M-26093

    Charge embarquée : 15,00 kg
    Rayon d'action : 810,00 mm
    Répétabilité : ± 0,030 mm
    Poids du bras : 98,00 kg
    Longueur de câble : 4,00 m
    Version logicielle : RW5
    Année : 2005
    Nombre d'heures : < 5 000 heures
    Etat du matériel : Occasion - Expertisé et révisé

    Options principales

    Garantie : 9 mois pièces (remplacement ou réparation)

    Disponibilité : 1 robot disponible ce jour.

    Prestations possibles en accompagnement (sur demande)
    - Transport du robot sur votre site ;
    - Assistance à la mise en service ;
    - Formation conduite de robot sur site ;
    - Maintenance annuelle sur site ;
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We do not distribute software or licenses for its use. If you have any questions about the purchase or use of any software, please contact an authorized reseller. On the other hand, we are equipped with some of the software that enables us to offer you digital simulations of your robot installations. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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